Building wells in Nigeria and Yemen

Building a well in Nigeria

In 2017 we raised money to build our first well. In Nigeria. We had problems in the beginning of 2018 as there was tension in the area but now normalcy is gradually returning to the community of Akpunka.

They started building the inner part of the well already. Below are some pictures from the progress that has been made so far; we are finally rounding up this project. Next week hopefully the pump will be attached as well. We are excited about the progress and we thank God for the peace he has restored to this community.

Building a well in Yemen

In the last year the churches, synagogues, mosques and temples in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf have been working together to build a well as a sign of hope and peace in war-torn Yemen.

Aljufainah is a small town in Yemen with some 452 families. Up to now they have lived without access to clean running water. Because of the war in Yemen, they have been joined by a further 650 families from areas worst affected by war. Aljufainah now has about 10,000 inhabitants.

St George’s, with a special concert on the theme of Water (led by the Embassy Singers), together with other religious communities, raised €14,500 to build a well in Aljufainah.

To dig the well they needed to dig 180 metres down. The building of the well in December 2018 attracted much media interest, and was reported on by five Yemeni TV channels. Most notable was the fact that the interfaith communities in Berlin-Charlottenburg made this possible. The governor of the region lent his support. A video film has been made and we are currently waiting for German subtitles to be added to the clip.

A smaller sum of money will be needed in 2019 to complete the project.